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Hi! I’m Alayna and I was born and raised in central California. I have two younger sisters, three cats and a dog. I am all around an animal lover and I grew up being around them all the time. When I’m not at the salon, you can find me at the gym or at the beach. I love camping, traveling, laying out in the sun and one of my favorite things to do is try new food or cook something new. I spent a large portion of my childhood traveling and being outdoors with my family, and would usually ended up in my room at the end of the day painting or drawing. I was surrounded by plenty of the newest fashion and hair trends starting at a young age, which made me always find art in everything. I took art classes outside of school which soon led to experimenting with coloring, cutting and adding extensions into my own hair. Once I got to high school I was doing hair for anyone who would let me. Through out this journey I felt myself gravitating towards blondes and extensions. I love the details in the work. Because I have done art for years, learning the details of hair chemistry was made so much easier for me. I knew I wanted to pursue this at a young age, but never knew how to start. As soon as I graduated high school, my parents made the decision to move me and my two sisters back to the small town here in Illinois where they grew up. I had a hard time finding my place, until I finally decided to go to school for what I loved. I stopped searching for a career that I didn’t have a real passion for. As soon as I found myself in beauty school I knew I had great things ahead. I have always seen myself in a beautiful, luxurious space like Salon Glow and I have remained confident that my art would lead me to where I am meant to be. I am currently specializing in blonding, lived in color and hair extensions, but I am always working on expanding my craft. I am so grateful for every single person who I get to see in my chair, and I am always up for a challenge! I love what I do so much, which I know makes the experience for my guests much more comfortable being in my chair. I love being surrounded by positivity and I want all of my guests to not only feel beautiful, but also feel like they have someone they can trust as their stylist. 

Please be aware of Salon Glow's policies

Your hair will be featured/documented on Salon Glow Chicago and Alayna's social media. Booking with Alayna requires a credit card on file and deposit. If you'd like to avoid any charges please give a 24hr notice for any cancelations or appointment changes. Extra time is billed at $120/hour. There is a late fee of $20 for every 15 minutes you are late. In the unlikely event that you're unsatisfied with your service please contact within five days to determine if your service qualifies for a complimentary adjustment. Complimentary adjustments are not available during color corrections or if you had box dye in your hair and will be billed hourly. Depending on your goals and amount of hair there is a chance we will go over time and if that happens extra time is billed at $120 an hour. Cost of product is charged separately.

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