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 I have such a love for the beauty industry. When I was little all I wanted to do was play with long hair. No family member, pet or toy were safe. It took a few years of being in the corporate world to realize that my childhood passion is what I needed to pursue. I went to cosmetology school in 2020 and never looked back! 

 When I’m not doing hair I love exploring Chicago! I moved to the city in May 2022 and have been loving the city life! The real loves of my life however are my dogs Athena  (border collie mix) and Trina (husky mix). I wish I had the energy those two have! 

 I am so excited to be here at Salon Glow! This has to be one of the most welcoming teams I’ve ever been apart of! When it comes to hair I love the transformational aspect. Whether that’s going bright blonde or a rich brunette or a fiery red! If you’re ready for your own transformation come book with me! 

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