Growing up in the outside suburbs of Chicago, living in the city always intrigued me. The busy streets with endless opportunities. 


Self Described Tom Boy, I love to spend my time with my family, binging tv shows, along with spoiling my four cats that I am obsessed with. My interests throughout my life have always been activities that are hands on. Cosmetology was not my first decision when I graduated high school from Neuqua in Naperville, IL. I was set on attending Illinois State University. I was going into health information management or nursing. When I started classes I knew that this wasn’t for me. My cousin, who was enrolled in the cosmetology program at Paul Mitchell, suggested I would be perfect for the beauty industry and convinced me to tour the school. This decision has changed my life forever. I have found the path that fits me best. 


Being able to completely transform the way people feel about their hair is a huge reason I wanted to become a stylist. I think that nothing is complete in a style without the hair you love and being able to recreate a style you love at home. I enjoy working with all hair types. I have frizzy, thick hair and always struggled with how to manage it growing up. I now have the knowledge to help other people with the same issues and apply all that I know about hair maintenance and hair care that suits each of our unique hair needs.Everyone has their own style and it's important to me to embrace that and build their confidence when doing their hair. 


I found Salon Glow on instagram. It is the most genuine, family oriented, salon I have ever seen.The way they treat their stylists and the bonds that the stylists have with each other is why I wanted to work here.  They genuinely care about their clients and what their vision is for their hair. My passion for hair is growing more every single day. I am looking forward to growing and continue to learn with the rest of my fellow Glow stylists. I truly can’t wait to continue on living this life of making people feel beautiful, and confident. 

All prices are at a discounted rate as I practice my skill and move up within the company.