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We can't wait to meet you!

The experience starts when you fill out our new guest color request form below. If you are unsure of who you'd like to see, no problem! We will match you up with a stylist that fits what you are looking to achieve. 


After you submit your appointment request, we will reach out via email to let you know if your service is one we are able to take on at this time. If we are able to take on your service we will find a date and time that works best for your booking.

The day of your appointment -- You will pull up to the cutest boutique salon in Lincoln Park. We've got metered parking in front and free parking on the surrounding side streets. You'll know you've got the right spot when you see the big "SALON GLOW CHICAGOr" letters on our window. 


Once you make your way inside, we will sit down for a 15-30 minute consultation. Here, we will discuss not only the details of your first visit, but also a long-term plan to ensure all of your hair goals are met. 


If you're here for color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in our system so that it's always ready and waiting at each visit.  


We've got Wi-Fi, sparkling water, delicious seasonal beverages, snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your color processes. You can always bring your work and work from the salon.

We will finish our service by styling and we will recommend at home styling care to set you up for success. We will then let you know when and how to book your next  maintenance appointment.

New Guest Services

As a new client, we'll book a consultation before your services. Without fully knowing how much hair you have before seeing you hair in person, it is hard to gage how much time is needed to fully complete your look. If you know that you will need extra time, please state that in your request form. 


After the initial service, your maintenance services will be at our regular services. 

Maintenance appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services every 1-3 months. For clients wishing to go 3 months or longer, no problem, you will need to book extra time at your appointments to accommodate the time needed. Your stylist will either get your next appointment booked at the end of your service or hand you a card with the services needing to be booked for next time.

If you would rather book a consultation before committing to the service, please email us to get that setup. If you arrive to your appointment and decide not to go through with your service that will be considered a late cancel and a 20% fee of the services booked will be charged. 


Please feel free to email the salon if you have any questions or trouble requesting your appointment. We require all new guest bookings to be made through email. 

Prices are subject to change

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