Salon gets professionally sanitized once a month


Please be aware that we don't have a full front desk staff

Phones will not be answered while we are with guests- Please email, text or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you ASAP

There will not be a waiting area- We ask that you wait outside/in your cars until your stylist is ready for you


If it is raining and you are on public transit please come in and we will figure out the proper social distancing


Please make sure that you are still 10 minutes ahead of time so we can make sure that our appointments start exactly on time


Anyone 5 minutes or more late to their appointment will be charged a late fee of $25


If you are 15 minutes late to your appointment it will be rescheduled, No exceptions!


All forms of payment will still be accepted- Non cash payments are best If you are using cash please try to come with change so we don't have to keep exchanging bills


It's best to tip using venmo, zelle, quickpay, apple pay to have less cash flow if you are tipping in cash please had directly to your stylist


If you are sick at all or have been in contact with anyone that is showing any signs of being sick PLEASE stay home!

-This includes ANY type of sickness even non-covid related


All late cancellation fees will be waived until the end of July unless noted otherwise


Everyone must wear a mask at ALL times or cover their face with a towel

Masks must be covering your nose at all times


Wear masks that loop behind your ears


Please don't wear masks that tie behind your head


Be aware that masks may get wet or get color on them


If you show any signs of sickness you will be asked to reschedule


If you become sick at any point after your appointment please report it to us so we can report it to everyone in the salon during your appointment time


We are following all the CDC and city guidelines


If you would like a list of all of the things we are doing please ask for it and we will provide it


Only clients receiving services are allowed in the salon right now


We love your little ones but you can't bring your children in with you


Please limit conversations during the blowdry- it's very hard for us to hear you


Let your stylist know if you are okay with not having a blowdry- Haircut services must get a blowdry


If you want to get a dry haircut please come with your hair done how you normal wear it


Try not to come with too many belongings


All bags need to stay in your lap or on the floor


Do not put any personal belongings on stylist stations


Feel free to work from the salon


Stylists support you needing to get work done and will give you the freedom to work unbothered


Connect to our wifi-Password Glow1001


Keep computers and belongings in your lap


Snacks and drinks will be on hold for now

Water will be available

Little to no talking at the shampoo blows 

-The angle of stylist/client doesn't allow for great social distancing

Prebook your appointments


Many clients are booking appointments through the end of the year and we want to make sure you are covered too!


No touching!

We love and miss you but we won't be able to hug you or shake your hands.

Know that we are smiling at you under our masks!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for being so kinda and patient with us, we are very lucky to have all of you!