Preparing for your Wedding Trail

You have the date set and it's almost here, don't know what to do to prepare? We've come up with tips to get you ready to ace your trial!

  • Wash your hair the night before the trial – an updo holds way better in day-old hair. You also don’t want to waste time at your trial on a blow-dry.

  • For a makeup trial, arrive with a cosmetic-free face (moisturizer only). Ideally, we would like your hair and makeup trial to both be booked with us, but if you’re not hiring us for makeup we suggest you coming in with a full face done for your hair trial. 

  • Bring pictures for inspiration! Make a board on Pinterest and share it with your stylist beforehand, or bring along 5-10 images from magazines or the internet. Make sure you bring pictures of your dress and of your general wedding inspiration, especially if you’re working with a specific theme or period.

  • Make sure you bring along the hair accessories you’re planning to wear, including veils, combs, hairpieces, etc.

  • Do bring a friend or relative whose opinion you trust with you. Don’t bring more than one – too many opinions can do harm.

  • Bring a camera with you to take pictures from different angles. Not only will you be able to see how the back of your hair looks, but hair and makeup can look different on camera. 

  • For a makeup trial, feel free to bring your own makeup bag and let the artist know about your favorite looks and products. It’s also worth paying close attention to the products they use on you – you might want to buy things like lipstick in the same shade for touchups later in the day.

  • BE HONEST. This is probably the most important thing – if you don’t like something, say it. Remember, we can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge. We want to know the truth.

  • Plan a big night out on the same evening you have your trials – not only is it a good way of making sure all that glowing doesn’t go to waste, but you’ll get a good idea of how both hair and makeup styles hold up after a couple of hours. Be sure to let the stylist know ahead of time if there’s anything you discover that doesn’t work.

  • For the trial, wear a top in the same color as your dress, with a similar neckline to give you a clear sense of how you will look on the day.

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