Wedding Beauty Timeline

Six Months Before the Wedding

Schedule your initial hair and makeup consultations (make the appointments for the same day so you can see how the looks work together). Bring pictures of your dress, accessories, veil, even a swatch of fabric if you have one, and as many inspiration images from Pinterest as possible. The best way for us to really understand what you like is to show us pictures of all things on you definitely want and all things you DO NOT want. 

Fine-tune your cut and color. This is not the time for an impulse bob and completely changing your hair color (blonde to black etc). Keep it simple and natural, and if you're trying to grow out bangs or layers make sure you stick to a stylist you trust and keep up with your touchups and trims. Incorporate a weekly deep-conditioning mask into your hair routine from here on out.

Five Months

Book your hair appointments, including trims and color touch-ups every eight weeks, a trial three months before, and styling the day of the wedding. If you love your hairstylist and you can't imagine anyone else touching your hair, call us the minute you book the venue.

Schedule your makeup appointments. Book a trial for one month before as well your appointment on the big day.

Three Months

Do your hair trial. Remember to bring lots of pictures and take lots of pictures. 

Do your makeup trial—and photograph it. Take note of the lipstick and concealer the makeup artist uses and buy them for touch-ups.

Touch up your hair color.

Get a light trim—just an inch or so to lose split ends.

Two Months

If you have really frizzy hair, this is the time to schedule your Brazilian Blowout.

One Month

If you spent too much time looking at more makeup and hair options, book another trial to test out any looks you may like. 

Three Weeks

Get a final hair trim.

Two Weeks

Get a final hair-color touch-up. Color always looks best when it's been a little lived in and settles down. Two weeks is the sweet spot!

One Week

Pack a beauty kit for the wedding: lipstick and gloss for touch-ups, concealer, blotting papers, Q-tips, translucent powder, breath mints, toothpicks, tissues, Advil, deodorant, baby powder, bobby pins, a mini can of hair spray, and Band-Aids.

One Day

If you can schedule a blowout with us perfect, if not shampoo and style your hair for the rehearsal dinner—if you're having one—and make sure to go super light on conditioner. Don't wash it again our stylists love day old hair on your wedding day.

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