Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio I’ve always had a passion for drawing and painting. Art was my form of self expression and that quickly turned into a love of doing makeup. 

After high school I attended Ohio University’s Fine Arts program. I manipulated as many projects as I could into makeup on friends and peers; Convincing my teachers I was still drawing and painting, just on a different canvas. After my first semester at OU my heart was calling me to move back home and get more involved in makeup. I finished out my freshman year at a community college while starting my own freelance makeup artistry business. 

I worked at MAC Cosmetics which confirmed my dream of building a career in the beauty industry. Soon after I decided to drop out of college.        I attended cosmetology school at the Aveda Fredrics Institute in Cincinnati. 

Initially I attended with the intention to get my license and continue my career solely in makeup. However the universe had a slightly different path.

It was there that my horizons broadened andI fell IN LOVE with hair. From cutting to coloring to styling hair, I quickly learned that it was yet another form of art on a different canvas. 


Once I graduated and earned my license in 2014 I started working at a salon in Cincinnati mostly doing hair. But something was calling me to a bigger city with more opportunity for education, variety, and diversity. It was Christmas of 2015 when I decided I would move to Chicago and continue on my path to evolve my craft and career in the beauty industry. 

I moved with a small savings and no job. 1 month into living in Chicago I found a job at an Aveda salon and was ecstatic to be able to stay! Over the course of about 4 years I took advantage of advanced education classes and opportunities to travel over seas and across the country to see hair shows and take classes with leaders in the industry. 

I’ve grown so much in my career and I’m a firm believer that I will never stop growing and learning. 

I am elated to have found my home at Glow! With an amazing team, I get to do it all: makeup, color, cuts, extensions, men’s grooming, and facial waxing. In my free time I love hanging with my cat, Obsidian, while I draw and paint and play the guitar and sing. I also love to spend time with my 2 sisters in Chicago and my family in Cincy...especially my mom cause she is the coolest! 

I love getting together with other talented stylists to create photo shoots and editorial work for fun and for global hair and makeup competitions. Last year I entered Eufora’s SOYA global competition and learned so much through the process. I look forward to entering again in 2021 as well as other competitions. 

Come Glow with me! 

New Guest Services

As a new client, we'll require extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the looks you see on my social media! 


After the initial service, your maintenance services will be at my regular color prices. 

Maintenance appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services every 1-4 months. For clients wishing to go 4 months or longer, no problem, but you will need to select a new client block at the time of rebooking to ensure we have ample time to reconnect and revamp your look.

Pricing is broken down into different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service or look to book. 

The more time booked, the more we can achieve in one session! 


Please review the service blocks below, then click the "Book Now" button to submit your appointment request. If you feel you need more details on booking or the services I offer, you are welcome to book just a consultation as well. Please feel free to email the salon if you have any questions or trouble requesting your appointment. We do require all bookings be made online. 

Prices are subject to change

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