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We want YOU to join our team!

Salon Glow Chicago is growing and we are looking for talented individuals that are humble and hungry. Our salon culture is solid and we want to make sure that we find amazing individuals to add to our team. 

If you are ready to join the team you've been dreaming about please

click the link to fill out the form below.

We can't wait to meet you!


Unlimited Time Off

Create Your Own Schedule 

Charge Your Own Rate

Your Clients Are Your Clients

Work Only When Booked


46% Commission

No Product Charges or Additional Fees

Save Yourself From Tax Headache

All Backbar Provided

Unlimited Growth

Increase Your Prices Anytime

Work More or Work Less

Open Door Policy

Coaching Opportunities

No "Non-Competes"


As a stylist I understated how important it is to find a salon home that compliments you, yourself as much as you compliment your salon home. The culture at Salon Glow Chicago is very team based, and empowering stylists for the hard work we put in to be the difference between good, and great. I love that I am embraced for the stylist I am right now but also pushed to next level myself for me and for my guests. The sky is truly the limit here and we are  proud of the incredibly fun, safe, happy, organized, work home we get to be a part of.  - Tara

_Headshot (5).png

Glow has become such a safe space & home to me since I started working here. Our number one priority is providing a welcoming environment that makes every single person who walks through the door feel as if they’ve been here their whole lives. When we’re hustling through a busy Saturday, we all flow with and around each other to know who needs what, before they can even think of it themselves. Our team bond is unbeatable with friendship and motivation. This salon represents so much, but my favorite thing I have experienced is the importance of growth. I have never been more proud to work somewhere and get to call this team my family. - Syd

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