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Hi! I'm Tara, pronounced like Sara, I am a senior stylist, and Salon Director here at Salon Glow Chicago. I have 6 years in the hair industry and 2 years devoted to educating. I'm a proud wife, mother, podcast enthusiast, and a fan of both true crime and pop culture. When it comes to food, I adore salty treats, although I'll switch gears for anything sour. My simple pleasure lies in a classic cup of diner coffee – no frills, just pure joy.

My fascination with hair started at the age of 4, and by fifteen, I was fortunate to inherit a vintage 80s hydraulic chair and a repurposed table for my hair tools. From these humble beginnings, I embarked on an amateur journey, experimenting with hair and makeup on my friends and family. It's a tale of my childhood aspirations coming true.

Though raised in small-town Indiana, the allure of the big city never left me. The vision of towering buildings and bustling streets persisted. To fulfill this dream, I made the move to Chicago and enrolled in the cosmetology program at the Aveda Institute in Lakeview East. Here, I not only honed my skills but flourished in both knowledge and passion.

Through dedicated efforts, I've specialized in blonding services and extensions, particularly in techniques like balayage, foilyage, and precision color placement and in turn get to teach my specialty to new talent here at Salon Glow, which has been an unexpected but welcomed journey and new passion.

My ultimate mission is to demystify hair care and dispel myths surrounding hair health. I aim to provide insights on at-home maintenance, product usage, understanding hair texture, accommodating lifestyle, managing color expectations, and more. When you sit in my chair, it's not just an appointment – it's an experience. I strive for a salon environment that's both enjoyable and comfortable, allowing you to be your authentic self. Moreover, I'm dedicated to helping you build a vision for yourself, starting with your hair. It's not just about great hair leaving the salon; it's about the newfound confidence that accompanies it.

In my line of work, connecting with new people is a highlight. It's a rare opportunity in today's world, and I relish making those connections. Enhancing your look and boosting your confidence is the cherry on top of the cake!

With enthusiasm, I look forward to sharing my craft with you all at Salon Glow Chicago. The blend of casual and professional ambiance aligns perfectly with my personality, fostering an environment for continuous growth, connection, and love for the beauty industry.

How To:

Book with Tara

$250 an hour: No additional fees & Gratuity free

All services (including conditioning treatments) within the timeframe will be included in the hourly price. 


1-2 hours - Extensions 

3 hours - Combination Extension Methods

3 hours - Full Foil Highlight 

2 hours - Partial Foil Highlight 

2 hours - Root/Grey Coverage

2 hours - All over color

1 hour - Gloss

1 hour - Haircut

2+ hours - Brazilian Blowout

*Length, density, out growth and/or grey coverage in addition to a foil service may require additional time


Short Cuts - anything shorter than chin length

Bleach & Tones

Vivid Colors


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Please be aware of Salon Glow's policies

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