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Hi there, I’m Michaela! I’m a color loving hair stylist, cat mom to two, and lover of all things astrology. I spent my formative years in Tampa Bay, Florida, where I went to cosmetology school and began my career. It was in the sunshine state that I discovered my passion for making someone’s day! I love making your hair goals come true and being able to collaborate together to achieve incredible results. 
I started my journey in this industry in 2017, but the real story starts before that. Growing up, I was involved in every art class you could imagine. I was lucky enough to have parents who recognized and encouraged the creative in me to flourish. My dad bought me my first dolls with hair to play with when I started to show interest! From the moment I learned how to do a braid in 4th grade, I was hooked. 
My love for all things hair, beauty and fashion has only grown from then. From learning on my own mamas hair to getting to slay yours, every step of the way has been incredible!
I have a passion for blondes, balayage, and dimensional brunettes (no surprise, for a girl from Florida). I also enjoy a good, long layered razor haircut! But more than that, I love combining techniques to create a custom result, tailored just to you and your goals! I can’t wait to meet you and make your day.

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