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What’s the one landmark that everyone knows in the suburb you grew up in? We all have one! For me, it’s the Aurora Fashion Outlet mall. I moved from Aurora to be in the city for all the hustle, action, and excitement. 


My love for the beauty industry started at a very young age, I remember being about 7 years old playing “salon” at home with my mom. Which ultimately consisted of me putting in about a million different butterfly hair clips. My love quickly grew with me, as I got older many of my friends would want me to do their hair & makeup for special occasions like prom, homecoming, dates, and everything in between! I attended Indiana Wesleyan University for part of my undergrad in Psychology. Often times when I needed to feel close to home or close to who I was, I would spend my free time practicing makeup looks on myself and offering my skills to all my campus friends! As if that wasn’t a sign as to where I needed to be in life!! 


Curly hair has such a wide spectrum from fine curls, thick wavy hair, to even having multiple different curl patterns on one head! I’ve personally had the pleasure of getting to know and love curls for how they are. Learning to take care & style my own hair has taken much self-education, self-exploration, and endless amounts of patience. Often I struggled with my own image because I was constantly straightening my hair in order to “fit in” with the beauty standards I grew up with. Well, natural is BACK in my book! Once I was finally able to get the hang of it, I felt my self-love grow 110%! I felt more myself when I knew my natural hair game had stepped up. And that’s what I hope to achieve at Salon Glow. I want to educate all you lovely glow pals on how to take care of, manage, style, and love your hair & yourself for who you are! Hope to see you soon! 

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