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Stylist Specialties: Blonding and Extensions

Hi, I’m Sydney (yes, like Australia!). I am a cancer, dog mom to my Frenchie Cashew, and an avid sushi lover.


A saying that is most important to me is, "Do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life". I was raised closely by my grandma, who had her license in cosmetology as well. Throughout our childhoods, my two sisters and I were thrilled for her to style our hair. My mother always provided me with the resources to express myself through colored hair and electric makeup looks at any age. My love for it grew over the years, and before I knew it, it became my biggest passion in life.


I inherited very thick and curly hair from my beautiful mom, who always styled her hair straight, never wearing it natural. I had to learn at a young age how to style my hair with heat tools since I was too hesitant to wear my curls. As well as learning on my own, I started coloring and cutting on my friends, family and my own hair at the age of 14 in my parents' bathroom. Without the closest people in my life giving me an immense amount of trust, I may have never found this drive to keep creating this art in hair that I love so much. . 


My dad has always been my biggest motivator to follow my heart and happiness. I did not start off on the cosmetology path right out of high school. I spent a couple of years majoring in criminal psychology, but I eventually found my way back to my art. I cannot give up the love I have for making people feel beautiful and bringing out their self-confidence. My family has always tried to push me in the direction of cosmetology school, even if I didn’t believe in myself. Since joining this amazing team at Salon Glow, my own confidence has skyrocketed! I proudly specialize in Blonding and extensions and am of the mindset that it only gets better and better from here. This salon has the best and most genuine teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with. Being in this wonderful industry, in this incredible salon, with these amazing teachers, has always felt like home to me. Thus, I have never worked a day in my life!

$150 an hour: No additional fees & Gratuity free

All services (including conditioning treatments) within the timeframe will be included in the hourly price. 


1-2 hours - Extensions 

3 hours - Full Foil Highlight 

2 hours - Partial Foil Highlight 

2 hours - Root/Grey Coverage

2 hours - All over color

1 hour - Gloss

1 hour - Haircut

1 hour - Blowout and Style 

3 hours - Brazilian Blowout

*Length, density, out growth and/or grey coverage in addition to a foil service may require additional time


Short Cuts - anything shorter than chin length

Bleach & Tones

Vivid Colors

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Please be aware of Salon Glow's policies

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